Indiana Jones
A close-up on the "back panel jackpot" circuitīs.

If you have the possibility to get one of these lampsockets, you can easily set it up as I have. This is a often used combination under the playfield, the diod is allready added to the socket. You can see the yellow dot that indicate the mark on the diod.

In the right lower corner of IJīs powerboard, you can locate these contactīs.
The numbers I have print doesīnt have anything to do with the holes in the plug! I now realize that it would have been much easier to show it with letters instead...But I think you can follow it up. You need to get two sockets as shown on this picture. One more thing: donīt look at the colours of this pictures wires.

3=pin9, 1=pin7, 5=pin2 on J133, J134 or J135.
4=pin4, 2=pin2 on J138 or J137.

GRAIL: Lamp-diod-powerboard1. (on the above picture)
GRAIL: Lamp-Stonelamp.

STONE: Lamp-diod-powerboard3. (on the above picture)
STONE: Lamp-Graillamp.

ARK: Lamp-diod-powerboard5. (on the above picture)
ARK: LAMP-powerboard4

Finally connect the common point of Stone and grail to powerboard2.

To explain the above was the hardest part of the whole site! So I even attach this scheme.
Once again: the numbers I use in this pictures doesnīt have anything to do with the holes in the plug!

If itīs "unclear"?...send me an e-mail.